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Im so BLUEtooth today.

Testing BLK-MD-BC04 Bluetooth Module +Demo Board

Thirtyseven (37) days ago I made an order from EBAY to an item I found rather interesting to test out. Finally today it arrived via  airmail from Hong Kong :–).  Bluetooth module set is via Bolutek and here is the specifications for the bluetooth module itself:

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The BLK-MD-BC04-B is a Bluetooth serial module for OEM manufacturers who want to implement Bluetooth functionality with their products cost effectively and also in timely manner. The BC04-B supports UART, USB, I2C, PCM, PIO interfaces for the communication with the OEM products.

The BC04-B is provided with Bluetooth v2.0 compatible firmware runs internally for SPP (Serial Port Profile) applications by default. It based on CSR BC04 External chipset with an antenna integrated and with the firmware provided by our company, it could be easily used for kinds of Bluetooth products.

The BC04-B is fully qualified with Bluetooth v.2.0+EDR specification so OEM manufacturers can save cost and time for overall OEM product certifications, which makes the BC04-B ideal solution for larger volume and cost sensitive applications.


Bluetooth protocol: Bluetooth Specification v2.0 + EDR

USB protocol: USB v1.0  2.0

Frequency: 2.4GHz ISM band

Modulation: GFSK (Gaussian Frequency Shift Keying)

Transmit power: ≤ 4dBm, Class 2

Sensitivity: ≤-84dBm at 0.1% BER

Rate: 2.1Mbps(Max)/160 kbps(Asynchronous);1Mbps/1Mbps(Synchronous)

security features: Authentication and encryption

Support profiles: Bluetooth serial port (master & slave)

Power Supply: +3.3 VDC 50mA

Operating temperature: -20 ~ +55 Centigrade

Dimensions: 26.9mm x 13mm x 2.2 mm


Personal Digital Assistants

POS Terminals

Data Logging Systems

Audio Gateway applications

GPS receiver

Industrial control

MCU projects

Bluetooth module is hooked up to serial (RS232) demo-board which is very useful on many forthcoming applications I have in my mind. With the demo-board you can either choose the Master/Slave/Off modes and programming the interface itself with AT-commands is easy via RS232 interface.

It took some time to go through different types of serial programming applications to get AT-commands running as they should. By default the BC04 is configured with this setup: PIN: 1234 NAME: Bolutek  SPEED: 9600  .. So if you are fine with default settings you can start hooking this tiny device on rig, firewall, anything which has a serial port actually. Just keep in mind that you need external power 5VDC for device to work. You can choose to use USB-port on device or either solder  5VDC power source as accu/battery. Here is the instructions for setup BT-module on OSX, but the principles will be the same no matter of the Operating System: First make sure the module is set to “Slave”. Then connect it via serial cable to your computer, and use your default serial terminal application to access it via following settings:  COMx (where X your COM-port), baudrate: 9600, parity: none, bits 8, stop bits 1, none for hardware flow control. Turn the module on (USB-cable plugged in for power), open your serial terminal software  and hopefully you will be able to start typing AT-commands.

Then comes the best part (AT-commandline) Start with AT: AT -> Should Respond “OK” AT+HELP

Command Description

AT Check if the command terminal work normally

AT+RESET Software reboot

AT+VERSION Get firmware, bluetooth, HCI acess code

AT+ROLE Get/Set master or slave mode

AT+STATE Get current state

AT+SENM Get/Set security and encryption mode

AT+IPSCAN Get/Set page and inquiry scan parameters

AT+SNIFF Get/Set sniff power table parameters

AT+LOWPOWER Start/Stop low power mode

AT+UARTMODE Get/Set uart stop bits and parity

AT+ENABLEIND Enable/Disable Indication print

AT+LSP List Paired Device List

AT+RESETPDL Reset Paired Device List

AT+REMOVEPDL Remove one entry from Paired Device List

AT+SUPERVISION Get/Set supervision timeout

(M)AT+AUTOINQ Start/Stop auto inquiry

(M)AT+AUTOCONN Start/Stop auto connection

(M)AT+INQM Get/Set inquiry parameters

(M)AT+INQ Start inquiry

(M)AT+INQC Cancel ongoing inquiry

(M)AT+CONNECT Connect to a remote device by BD address

Note: (M) = The command support master mode only, other commands

support both master and slave mode.

For more information, please visit http://www.bolutek.cn

Copyright@2011 http://www.bolutek.cn. All rights reserved.


+BOLUTEK Firmware V2.42, Bluetooth V2.0, HCI V2.1, HCI Rev37, LMP V4, LMP SubV37








–> change to 115200 on terminal app & test once more (close and reopen)


+BOLUTEK Firmware V2.42, Bluetooth V2.0, HCI V2.1, HCI Rev37, LMP V4, LMP SubV37

Then poweroff  the module and plug it back into your favourite serial port accessible machine 🙂

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73 de OH2FXD, Mikko