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  1. I have a question. I have 2 Bolutek BT modules, firmware V2.43, further the same as your module. They can both communicate with my PC in both directions. They react correctly on AT commands, but I do not succeed to establish communicaion between the two modules. At pin 24 blinks a LED with 1.7 sec period. This, LED is steady when connected with the PC.
    Could you help me further, since I am really stuck here.
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Thats a tough one Aat. I havent tested bolutek module in such way as always my client side has been some sort of tablet/laptop.
      In the demoboard I write on this blog there is a switch which makes dongle act as host/slave or off (slave on my case was the correct choice).
      You have the BT modules but do you have the demoboard also? I assume Host-mode would be more succesfull on your tests.

      Please let me know if you get the issue solved on your side 🙂 & Happy New Years from wet Finland.

      1. Thank you for your fast reply. I do not have the demoboard, I have each of the modules hooked up to a PIC16F628,one as master and one as slave. When communicating with the PC it doesn’t matter master or slave. When a module is connected to the PC and transmits an AT command, then the connection is broken.immediately,and the steady LED starts flashing. I have the idea that the modules stay in AT mode when I try to connect them.Either a special command or an input to one of the ports is required. I have tried many possibilities,without succes sofar. If you have an suggestion I will be grateful.
        Best wishes for 2013 from a windy(almost stormy) and wet Netherlands…

  2. Hi mr oh2fxd, my Bolutek modules are talking together !
    The site you gave me was very useful, I had seen sites with the same hookup before, but without the explanatory text as in your site. Very useful.! I also had tried the same input connections earlier, but withouh succes. I found out that the input connections have to be made before powering-up. That made the the differenceI.
    Thank you very much for your help and I wish you succes with your new project.

    Aat Schouten

      1. Thanks for your reply man. Already arranged a sample for you, and will share you the tracking number. Thanks again.

  3. Please contact me at abbott[at]lantic.net for help with use of rtlsdr as panadapter. I have problems and some questions:

    I have modified my ICOM IC 726 for IF feed, plugs into antenna socket of RTLSDR
    IF is supposed to be 70.450 MHz, but I see no signal there. Where must I look on SDR#?

    How must I set bandwith etc? On ICOM? On SDR#?

    How must I set gain? An7y other settings to look out for?

    If I turn the tuning knowb on ICOM, I should hear sound from the RTLSDR, is that right?

    This is the essence. All the rest is to make frequency that you see is what you get and to make ICOM follow the SDR# tuning, if I understand correctly.

    73 Henry ZS3HA

    1. Lots of questions, here are the answers:

      – there is no need to set bandwidth on Icom, on SDR# you set it up to a range you want to monitor (ie 2Mbps)
      – take autogain off and set it to max
      – you should hear the sound from RTLSDR if everything is in order
      – test with rtlsdr stick first and some vhf antenna that you hear BC (broadcast stations) so you have a guarantee that your rtlsdr setup works ok before continuing with the panadapter project.
      – remember rtlsdr sticks are not tight on spot with frequency so it may need a ppm correction.

      For rest of the readers: ic-726 or ic-725 panadapter mod can be found here:

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