Here we go again – Sainsonic AP610 APRS microphone with a twist


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Sainsonic was kind to ask me to review their newest APRS product.  A mic with integrated TNC, GPS and BT.   In China this device is also known as AVRT8, which has been on the market for a while but not in EU/US.  This is my short review about the mic (first thoughts) and I will update it along the way I get more experience with it and also from the feedback of you people who read this blog. So feel free to participate and ask some questions. We got an open line to Sainsonic and from my opinion they are quite helpful people. 

IMG 20160516 152204392

Okay, back to microphone itself. Sample kit is packet with:

– mic
– prolific-chip based usb programming and charger cable

I must assume that the instruction sheet/manual booklet comes with the actual package.

Mic specs:

– compatible with baofeng uv5r, prob also with wouxun and kenwood handhelds with the right connector
– internal tnc based on avrt8
– internal gps
– battery for the tnc/gps (charged via usb-port on bottom)

Mic opened. Picture is from the forum:

To get this unit working you need to do few basic steps:
– programming via avrt8 config application which  is pretty straightforward once you get it working)
– configuring your basic data: callsign, beacon value, status etc.
– starting to use the mic either with HT only or with HT and iphone/android via BT-TNC interface

Ive had now one week of fun with this device and here is the pros/cons:

– application (as many Chinese based) need work to do before you get it working, for example on this case you need from two to four .dll downloaded separately before the configuration app can start working. This is something that Chinese vendors should already to do better.
– atleast on sample kit USB-port is not protected at all
– there is no indication how big is the internal battery or how long it will hold its charge
+ huge fun factor with this one, just add any* (*baofeng, wouxun) with right connector to your handheld and you have a 5W tracker for bike, hike etc!
+ price is okay
+ sainsonic support is better than the original developers 


I will continue to update this post along the summer, so stay tuned! 



URL and screenshots for the software:




9 thoughts on “Here we go again – Sainsonic AP610 APRS microphone with a twist”

  1. Whoa, If they had a selector switch a’ la Mobilinkd or a version for ICOM, Alinco based stuff that would really be something. I got one coming. Kurt KC9LDH

  2. Looks promising. Would have been nice if a unit could be had for
    ICOM/Alinco serial connection protocol as they can be selected by a switch on a Mobilinkd B/T TNC. The 610 has a bit more utility than a Mobilinkd device though. I have one coming. I suspect if one has the utility for the programming utility for an AP510 running on their computer the AP610 program will run right out of the box. Kurt KC9LDH

      1. So you can operate this, with GPS, without a phone or APRSDroid? If that is the case, this sounds like it should be a incredible product, but I can’t find any talk about this from anyone on the internet.

      2. Yes you can. Bluetooth is just an addition if you want to see received packets on the screen. However there is few minuses on the product itself:

        – battery size (not either informed so I dont have a clue how long it lasts)
        – application is not the best (like on many cases with chinese manufacturers)

        Overall very interesting product. I have more time to use it after summer and I will be updating my blog entry afterwards too. Maybe doing an exploded view also? 🙂

    1. Microphone uses its own internal battery charged via microusb connector. So if you modify it with external cable coming from radio battery with voltage regulator (5V) I dont see why not. But you cannot mic-connector (pins) to power it afaik. All tests / breaking equipment at one’s own risk

      73 de OH2FXD

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