Changing the Olympus OM-D E-M5 LCD Screen



This post is not directly related to HAM (radioamateur) hobby, but as this camera is very important tool for me and there was not so much instructions how to replace the screen correctly I thought  I will share my own experiences. 

I accidentaly broke my LCD while using excessive force when trying to unscrew my filter in top of my zeiko 12-20mm lens.  So yeah, got thumb in wrong place and the LCD broke and died. 

After that I started to google which is cheapest way to fix / replace the screen.  Price tag on local Olympus store / dealer for the part and fix would be easily over 200euro so that was not an option. 

Again Ebay was an friend and for about 70eur (including shipping/handling) I ordered new LCD screen from Hong Kong (link below). 
Also as being cautious about the happening I inspected what would protect the LCD better in the future and ordered hard screen on top of the LCD  (link below).


Here is the tools used: 

 – screen wipe (to remove any stains and stuff from the screen when changing it)
 – 28 part phone/small electronics toolkit for the screen and screws
 – new LCD screen
 – hard screen protector 

2016 01 10 15 52 23


On this picture you can clearly see that the LCD screen is badly damaged :-/

2016 01 10 15 52 58


Here is the new replacement part!

2016 01 10 15 55 31


Start the disassembly first by removing tree (3) screws and spaces from bottom of the lcd frame.  Keep the screws and spaces in good safeplace or you will loose those tiny ones!

2016 01 10 15 57 01


After that remove four (4) screws from the top of the LCD frame. 

2016 01 10 16 03 27


Now you should be able to carefullu pull apart the plastic bottom cover from the frame. Please note there is wire connected! 

2016 01 10 16 04 23


This is how it looks from the other side. Remove wire cables (just lift the locks carefully up and remove cable).

2016 01 10 16 06 25


Wires removed. Remove the center unit and put it on same way on top of the another LCD unit. I used electrician tape between the center unit and the LCD frame as the tape in picture was not in good shape after peeling it apart. Rewire those two cables back to unit (position it first correctly).  There is no pictures about the new unit and its rewiring but it should look exactly the same as the original one (without the tapes). 

2016 01 10 16 09 44


Now comes the hard part:  Push old LCD screen out from the plastic frame. Only way todo this is to push is outside from the frame. Inspect the LCD screen and you see it only goes to one direction. There is 2-way adhesive tape keeping it glued to the frame. Try to preserve it as you need it later if you dont want to put new tapes in the same spot.  After the tape has been removed put the new LCD screen back to its place by using the 2-way adhesive screen. Carefully put the main wire cable back to unit (dont forget the plastic bottom cover) and power up the camera. If you have cables tightened and cable locks on you should be able to see picture and use the touchscreen.


2016 01 10 16 41 59


After youve inspected everything works correctly you can vise versa put the screws on (dont tight too much) and then youre done! 

2016 01 10 16 50 37


It works again!

2016 01 10 16 54 08


I also applied hard lcd protector which should keep the screen a bit safer. That I doubt but extra protection is a plus.

2016 01 10 16 55 26


Installation of protector is easy, just peel of inside tape, clean the lcd screen from dust & stuff. Put it into its place. Carefully push it to the screen and remove the top (outside) part of the tape too.

2016 01 10 16 58 23


Links for Ebay:

LCD Screen:
LCD Screen protector:

Update:  If you happen to damage adhesive tape in the frame you should replace it completely. It just wont hold the new LCD screen in its place. 
I am looking for good 2 side adhesive tapes which could be used with this certain model.
Update2: I managed to tape it back to frame by  heating the frame and carefully pushing lcd into it. With girlfriends hairdryer 🙂