Baofeng/Pofung handheld design by SainSonic what?? Review of GT3 MK II


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In 2014 SainSonic brought mk2 version of the GT3 handheld (copy from Pofung/Baofeng).  This special model is designed by SainSonic and got some nice improvements compared to other Baofeng models.

Price for this HT is around 40 to 55 euro (including shipping). As the actual UV5R cost these days around 30 euro you may not be interested to buy another chinese handheld which cost 10-25 euro more but in my opinion it is worth of the money.

Tech specs for a starter (atleast most interesting ones):

  •     RX/TX  VHF/UHF  136-174, 400-479.995 MHz
  •     Dual Memory/Frequency display, possibility to listen two separate freq/memory (not real two RX thought)
  •     Output Power 5/1W
  •     VOX
  •     128 memory channels, 50 ctss and 104 dcs
  •     1750Hz burst tone (for repeaters)
  •     FM-radio with 65 to 108MHz range. (4meter RX possibility?)
  •     Channel step 2.5/5/6.25/10/12.5/25KHz

on new firmware versions have atleast 2 or 3 different burst tones:

ptt + band = 2100Hz tone

ptt + a/b = 1750Hz tone (normal)

I assume this is Baofeng/Pofung way to try make firmware more compatible with their all handheld models so they dont have todo separate firmware images. This is my wild assumption, you can correct me if I am wrong.



+ good rx (some modification improvements done compared to UV5R) see picture below:

Screenshot 2014 12 05 00 56 18









+ overall the antenna seems to be a bit better than other OEM baofeng antennas.

+ easy to configure with chirp (donationware awesome programming app)

+ look/and feel (sturdy, dust/water proof, not sure about IP-ratings)

+ audio (both receive and sent are reported as OK, seems not to suffer about tinning voice as with other older models)



– firmware is different on batches, may and caused some misunderstanding ie. with burst tones. (also manual has not been updated within the firmware changes)

– charger dock is bad as always (need two hands to put it on charger)

 -mobile charger needs the charger dock

– headset which comes with the kit was as bad as with all the chinese handhelds. (well it works but cheapest possible)



I aquired few units for my ham-friends around Finland and here is what I got as feedback:

– One charger was not working (opened it,  it had blown capacitor and indication led was off from the board)

– one headset was not working

I aquired few “baofeng” monophone mics which were advertised as for UV5R/GT3MK2. One worked on both units, second did not work on any.

So the connector must be a bit different than on normal units or the connector (mic/headset) has some design flaw. I actually went a bit further and compared one stock uv5r, and two gt3mk2.  uv5r and one gt3 workd with the microphone so I digged deeper with the handheld which did not work as expected.   Mic connector on the handheld was buried deeper on the “faulty” unit, prob 0.2-0.5mm difference, this caused mic part not to work at all.  This was fixed by manually turning suitable drill bit few turns on the plastic (on the radio side)  so the mic connector would go in better. Joys of finding simple fixes hi. (this fix is done by you at your own responsability) 

Connector pinout for the general mic is  from site:

Baofeng mic pinout from miklor site


Compared to its price range and compared to uv82, uv5r etc it is very nice handheld on its price range. My favourite handheld for last 4months.


What could be improved:

Real squelch,  faster scanning options.


Where to buy:


Other reviews: in finnish(by oh6gzt)


Awesome Baofeng related site:

Baofeng/Pofung similar item (with different antenna)



 73 de OH2FXD

2 thoughts on “Baofeng/Pofung handheld design by SainSonic what?? Review of GT3 MK II”

  1. Hi, just a question from a newbie to you, does dummy battery for UV5R can take place on GT3 MkII ? Or do you know wher can I found it, I’ve spend hours thru search engine with no result 🙂 thanks for your reply (ddecaux[at]

    1. I am sorry but UV5R battery does not fit on GT3MK2. So better buy a spare extra gt3 battery if in need for extra juice 🙂
      Thanks for visiting my tiny blog space! 73 de OH2FXD

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