Thoughts about Yaesu FT-1900 Mobile Rig

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Yaesu FT-1900

Yaesu’s tiny 2 meter mobile rig comes with many features including:

  • 200 Memories (6 Char limit) + 8 Memory Banks
  • Max 55 Watts Output
  • DTMF
  • CW Trainer

and many more..

RX/TX coverage is from 136 to 174Mhz and seems to have quite nice RX sensitivity. Radio requires 13.8 VDC when running at full steam (11A). Supplied microphone is Yaesu’s MH-48 with backlit +DMTF capable keyboard.  For my setup I added the Yaesu MLS-100 external speaker for extra kick, more information about it later.  So after the boring stuff lets face some facts and my views about the rig, its usability and configurations.

Dimensions for the rig: 5.6 x 1.6 x 5.8 inches. So suprisingly small for a 55W rig 🙂 Easy to fit even for newer cars. Sadly front panel wont come off so cant hide the rest of the radio under the seat.  Radio should draw max 11 amps so even use of cigarette lighter socket is possible. I was planning to use rig with 25 Watts only.. so no worries about blown fuses.  Radio has normal SO239 connector in the back. For antennas I chose to  use Nagoya mobile sticks with car and Diamond SG-7900 at home.

I got fast fond with the “rugged” look of the FT-1900 and the mic felt very nice in hand. Was also positively suprised that the mic connector was on front panel and not at the side.. makes installing it much easier.  And even the internal speaker sound is OK and can wake up your wife middle of the night if you don’t appreciate your life and keep it quiet. Buttons on the radio can feel a bit tight at start (at least the squelch) but I am sure in time they will feel much better. Screen is very easy to read and can be dimmed to suit your eyes for night driving.

Programming the rig is easy task after you get the basics. Of course you can be lazy and fiddle with your computer and proper programming cable. I chose not to and wasted a few hours with manual trying to get all usage out from the tiny box 🙂  Memory Bank-settings are nice and this is what I did:

Home Button: 145.500 (2m CQ freq)

Then I first programmed all  simplex, radio-amateur repeaters and others in to the FT-1900 memory. After that I also used different banks  for different stuff:

  1. Bank: repeaters
  2. Bank: simplex
  3. Bank: others (for RX fun)

Use of memory banks will give you good advantage when you want to scan only just repeaters etc.. And of course you can scan the whole memory range too!

TIP:  Use SmartSearch! Get to know it well.. very nice feature when traveling in a new place and you don’t know where all the local gangs hide.

I’ll keep it short with the Yaesu MLS-100, think my seek for the ultimate mobile speaker has just ended hi 🙂 I am mostly using speaker with my 2m rig’s or with  the 10m mobile radio.  I have not tested it so much on SSB but for FM its a nice performer at least.

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Keep the bands safe!

73 de OH2FXD

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